Freelance content writer based in Mumbai

by Rahul sharma

My name is Rahul Sharma, I am a freelance content writer based in Mumbai, India, who specialises in Marketing Communication – Content. 

Acknowledged as the Youngest Writer in India (2021), I have been journaling and content marketing in the lifestyle, tech, finance and entertainment sector for over 10 years. The few of the many brands I have had the opportunity to be associated with are Zee, Femina, Forbes and Mid-day


So far, I have had the chance to work on a variety of assignments related to web content writing, business collaterals, brochures and corporate profiles for clients from across borders. My work has also given me wonderful experiences while interacting with people at a global level and I’ve learned that even though individuals from different countries may have different perspectives on everything related to work, culture, family, and relationships, but when it comes to business on World Wide Web, everyone wants the same results.

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They want their web content writer to make sure that their businesses are recognized in a better way than their competitors.

- They want their websites to generate more traffic.

- They want their audience to know that “they care” and so pay a professional web content writer to display this emotion.

- They want their communication to as subtle as possible without compromising on the quality.

And I can only offer all of that.

Final Thoughts

I greatly enjoy leveraging my passion and skills to help companies be more remarkable. And from what I have learnt about your organization, the team, and vision for how you want to help the world grow – it all aligns very well with my interests, and I believe I can make a huge impact here.

I believe I could be an efficient ambassador for your product.

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